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RE: Can a non-technical, non commercial project be supported on Steem? The Steem ecoVillage Community

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Oh man, that made my hear jump a few beats!!! I know exactly what you are talking about when it comes to making that change (without it, we are most probably heading into an age of very terrible time for the human race!).

I have only found the people that mostly understand this concept of dedicating yourself to a cause like this here on Steem too. For 2 years now, we've had this property and still no one has come to join us to build this very similar thing you're talking about.

I love being in it though... I know it takes time and I wish you all the luck and support for the Steem EcoVillage. Who knows, maybe something will push me to leave New York 😁.

Great inspiration, thanks!


I would so be up for joining you if I lived closer xxx we may need to have a few Steem Ecovillage communities xx

Ooh yes, I like this idea of having a few sister communities! You are welcome here anytime if you ever wish to come to this weird side of the pond @trucklife-family 😁!

This is what I've been envisioning as well. Communities around the world that people are able to move between if they want. Homeschooling could be partially done online allowing for a more diverse group of students and also to maximize the teacher's time.

@senorcoconut, I wish we lived near New York and we'd join you for sure!!!

I would so love it if you joined us, @riverflows! Why does this planet have to be so big...

Oh yes u have that land! How much land do u have exactly? Newyork conjours up views of cityscapes for me..’is there a rural new york i wonder!!

You know I thought that too!!! New York is in New York State - am I right @senorcoconut? That blew my mind when I found that out! So it's not all cities - I watched this amazing documentary called Gas Lands once (horrifying) - by a filmmaker called Josh Fox, and his family land was - I think the Delaware, from memory? - which was upstate New York, and I was like - where's all the buildings!

We do hear some freight trains come through town, blowing their horns here and there... and a little traffic, but otherwise there are no buildings in sight !

heehee yes there is much of New York state that is rural! The picture above os from our little 20 acres forest!

Its a shame usa is so tight on visas, else id be chatting with u on a collaboration... But once i do get ecoVillage #1 up you could take on #2 :). .. ill be posting more soon as i have a special plan just manifesting to make this all possible...

Ah you're awesome @eco-alex. I wish the best for #1 and I really hope I can come see you and help when the time comes. We can still chat 😁. Can't wait to see all this manifesting you're up to!

I've been thinking about this visa issue as well and it's another reason I believe that this vision ought to include multiple locations around the world, from the start. Isn't this what you recommended as the first step to success: Creating the vision!

the visa issue is a thing!
i think thats why im happy to start in europe.. where we have the broadest audience.. Then once the first community is up and running expansion can be in each country with the natives of that country mainly participating..

I'm definitely not into moving to upstate NY, which is way too cold for this Sunbelt kid, but we have roots in NYC thanks to Marek's dad and many of his friends living in and around Brooklyn, and so would just as definitely be up for a visit!

That said, for people willing to brave the cold, rural New York state is drop dead gorgeous, for real.

And, especially as we get our own place further toward completion, you're welcome to visit our own 16.5 acre piece of heaven in Middle Tennessee, midway between Nashville, Knoxville and Chattanooga, which includes around 12 acres of woods, bordered by the Calfkiller River.

We're just about an hour and a half from BNA, which is the Nashville International Airport.


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