🌏 We promoting STEEM in MALAYSIA! Check out the preparations!

in steem •  5 months ago

MySteem Tour” is a campaign that promotes STEEM all over the world!
Check out how looks like the preparations for the first edition!

The goal of the project is to promote STEEM in the countries I visit and bring new, active users to our platform.

I will speak with the young people, talk about the STEEM concept and encourage them to join our community. Soon we will also launch MySteem education section, which will help new users take their first steps in our ecosystem and start creating valuable content.

I prepared this campaign because I believe that more people investing in STEEM means higher value and a stronger currency. And educated Steemians means more valuable content and “stronger” upvotes in the future.

Because I have previously worked on promotional campaigns for companies and brands, I can use my knowledge and experience to support the development of our community.
I am very excited and at the same time, I feel motivating stress because I really want to make this project a success. I hope you will keep your fingers crossed for me! :)

Together with @the.foodini we have prepared a website for new users www.mysteem.pl where they will find basic information about the STEEM and the platforms based on this blockchain.
At this point, I would like to thank @nicniezgrublem, who provided us with a place on the server and help in starting it up.

So if you want to see the video coverage of the first edition of "MySteem Tour", visit my profile on Sunday. And today leave me a follow to not miss it!


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Welcome @see-it-feel-it, looking forward to meeting you here in Malaysia and I personally contacted @the.foodini as well.

We appreciate your support on promoting STEEM here as well, don't forget to let them know the usage of #teammalaysia tag and we might be able to collaborate some project here as well.

You can contact me directly at Discord (AaronLeang#5270), Cheers 😊 Keep in Touch!


Thanks for the kind welcome, once again. 🙂 I hope that we will be able to meet one day and prepare something interesting for STEEM together. Thanks for a hint with the #teammalaysia tag! We are in touch!

wow really did great i am looking forward for your thrill and nice to know you @see-it-feek-it thank you and god bless.