steemit ( steem ) loses a lot of value?!

in steem •  3 years ago 

Hi, I recently joined Steemit and I write a lot here, respond and so on, but I saw the past few days how much value Steem is losing. According to coinmarketcap in USD the last past 7 days Steem lost -26.48 %?! In BTC it is -25.05 %. I'm afraid no Steem power is strong enough to deal with such declines. And if you look at the last 1 month you can see it even clearer, how the price is keep dropping. I hope it won't be eventually like hyperstake or Snowballs. Of course I know those coins were weak and are not a comparison, but a lot of people immediately cashed out the second they had the chance. And well I hope that won't happen to Steem. I want to keep investing but it worries me a bit. Nevertheless I believe in Steemit so I will keep investing. How do you people look at it?

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wow awesome article

It will eventually go back up. The price during the peak was artificial. It will correct itself.


Yeah well I am standing positive in all of this so I agree with you, but when I open poloniex sometimes it worries me a bit

I want to take steem