Don't build steem apps for money. Don't rush. Build quality apps and websites. Open Source it!

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Hello Steemit Users,

in the last few days, a lot of new websites for steemit released.
Some you can find on Steemtools.

Don't get me wrong, i appreciate the apps, but in my opinion all the developers should focus more on quality instead of quantity.

Build one good App, and not 10 half good apps.
I can understand, you as developer see the opportunity to get free & fast money from steemit. (And thats good for you)

Steemit as example is written in ReactJs (, a beautiful javascript library for buildung user interfaces. The developer worked hard, the user experience on steemit is great.

Sadly when i look into the source code on mostly all other apps build for steemit... it doesn't look that good.
You clearly see, that they are build very fast (no real architecture, no clean code, old libraries like jquery).
Ofcause their are also great apps, that are written in angularjs or reactjs. (Mostly not)

An appeal to all developer, who are working on steemit projects.

Build great apps!
Open Source it. We can help!
Use Github, Bitbucket or Gitlab
Write tests. Use Travis!
Use libraries like ReactJS, AngularJS, VueJS (frontend)

Try to be a better developer! Learn with Egghead or Laracast


I think if there is a better version of something in the future then the community will recognize. I'm just excited that there are many interested in developing apps/websites.

I agree, but only the good ones will stand out.

And that is alright. I also like to see how fast developers can create useful stuff. To create a quality product it takes time.... so it will take time to create it. We will come to this point, in 1-2 years. I am excited!

That is precisely why this is such an exciting time. Quality work will be the standard because it will beat out competition due to the users feedback rather than the money thrown into advertising, partnerships, monopolies and every other trick employed to guide the consumers through the capitalist cattle chute.

think so, I saw some and not understand that they are!

I don't understand you're logic here. An app is good or bad based on whether the source code uses jQuery or Angular/React?

but jquery is still very popular!

I think this is good idea.

I totally agree - put love in it, learn and include others. I just made my first try with the Android Widget I announced a few days back.
(thought you will like it :) )

Can Steem apps get a portion of the upvote rewards on their platforms in order to make them sustainable from the beginning?

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