Thrilled to be Aboard this steem engine, my name is Scott Stevens and am a Climate Change Whistleblower.

9 months ago
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Hello steemit! My name is Scott Stevens and I am so excited to have found this most amazing venue for sharing a little bit about ourselves, our aspirations, hopes dreams, talents and the ultimately the gift that crypto-currencies have to offer this world that is in such need of integrity within its current monetary systems.

I discovered Bitcoin back in 2012 but didn’t take the plunge until the summer of last year… You know, finding the courage to act, can take a little while to muster, then afterwards you only look back and wonder why the hell did it take me so long? Meanwhile, you shake your head in wonderment.  

The physical sciences (astronomy, meteorology and all Earth sciences) have fascinated me since my dad showed me the constellation Orion hanging in the Western sky back when I was eight years old and further stoked my excitement with a small (cheap, very cheap) telescope the Christmas when I was 12. Later that years while striving to get my Boy Scout Eagle Award I completed the weather merit badge. 

This singular exposure to weather set me off into my eventual career as a television weatherman and a whole list of ancillary meteorological discoveries that surrounded my more than two decades career in television. 

This mainstream media career only ended when I stepped too far out of the box when researching climate change, global warming and whether geo-engineering might be employed to intentionally change the planet’s climate one day at a time. Spoiler alert: It can be!

After years of running my own website plus the social media that goes along with maintaining the idea of “pennies for you thoughts” or tipping/rewarding content providers excited me to no end! I am aware that there are plenty of “tipping” alt-coins out there… But to crate an entire alt-coin ecosystem for the project appears to be to be a stroke of genius. 

Thank you!

Keep looking up,

-Scott Stevens

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  ·  9 months ago

Welcome aboard. I am very interested in what you might have to say about space, earth and climate change.

  ·  9 months ago

There is a lot of "hidden" information to share that completely answer this planet's perceived and real weather and climate issues that we all face day-to-day. Food production and the health of the water cycle are in peril, but don't have to be.

  ·  9 months ago

Welcome abroad Scott, very interesting post.