Been a while since I did a STEEM price analysis - Let's see what we have going on!

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Just two weeks ago Steem was flirting with $1.50 USD. We were below the $2.60 area that has acted as a pivot point in the past and thing were not looking super strong.

Oh My, How Things Can Change

Here are are two weeks later and the price of steem is abobe $3 USD, but more importantly we pushed above the $2.60 area which had acted as a prior support and held it nice before moving higher.

If you look at the chart below you will see we spiked through the $2.60 area and then came back to test that level the next few days.

Price held in strong and once again carved out that level as a support before pushing higher over the past week.


Well, first stop is that prior high around $3.50, then we are looking at the $4.30 area, which is the top of the range we are now back in.


As I mentioned, that $2.60 area is now acting as a solid support so as long as we hold that on any pullback we should still be in good shape.


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steem is going to a hundreads

You know, people gush over @haejin -- I think your analysis that you do is 1000x better. :)


Gushing? I think your mean projectile vomiting.


Thanks! And yeah, don't even get me started on that. It's a sore subject ;-) Irony is this was just a quick and easy one and I still get comments like yours.....goes to show you how ridiculous his stuff is.

I am keeping all my steem for the future. They will turn $100 someday.

realmente disfruto tu publicacion felicidades

Good to see both Steem and SBD trending up. It was the first week in a while where all of crypto was collectively green. Are we in for a repeat of last May and June where the ICO boom and crypto exploded? Fingers crossed