What's the deal with my account? I say "you're welcome"!steemCreated with Sketch.

in steem •  8 months ago

I am not your average novelty account. I do one thing and do it well! But I will do much more here soon.

I say "You're Welcome" to unrequited thank you messages on the blockchain. I use a bit of mongo magic and python and will be sending comments to all appropriate threads. Looking for some good reactions for some laughs! 😂

Maybe, they didn't express that you are indeed welcome but maybe they just got caught up in life. I'm sure we all can relate. Well, I am here to say "You're welcome" as a service to you and the community. That's just the beginning, though. Follow me for more.

You're welcome! 😉

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I really appreciate you posting this. Thank you so very much.

Thank you for this very colorful meme! I like it very much =D


You're welcome!

im here to say thanks to you for upvoting my post yesterday. Thank you so much @saysyourwelcome


You're welcome! :)