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RE: Steemit Update [ August 22nd, 2022 ] : Steemit Engagement Challenge Communities for Season 4

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On behave the entire steem Cameroon admins, mods and members....
We are grateful to the steemit team be selected as one of the communities for "season 4 of the engagement challenge".

Below are my contact and telegram details

telegram:: @saxopedia
discord:: saxopedia#6055

discord:: fombae#5826
telegram:: @Mr_bull_04

CC @fombae @chant @b-naj @wase1234 @majerius

#Steemon #letsCommentCmr


Thanks to the steemit team for trusting steem Cameroon as one of the communities to carry out the engagement challenge season 4. Looking forward to a very successful season.

We are grateful for this opportunity to host the season 4 engagement challenge.
#Steemon #LetsCommentCmr

Wow, great update. Thanks for selecting steem Cameroon for season 4.

We are filled with so much gladness! Thank you so much Steemit team, we love the work done by the steemitblog.

I immensely appreciate my colleagues for building up quite a reputation on steemit. I appreciate steem cameroon members for their continuous support in both the good and bad times, and i personally applaud members who remain loyal and supportive throughout our struggle days.

We are ready to serve everyone 🤓

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