MEGA Margarita

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The other day at dinner at the "Pinta Bar", and so I wanted to drink something delicious! The view fell on the cocktail "MEGA Margarita", there were 3 flavors - strawberry, blackberry and pineapple.
I chose the blackberry😀
Ou20180812_152438.jpgr surprise when they brought me just a HUGE cup 😀 in 150 ml, which was unimportant, how does it drink? 😂
The pitch was with fireworks, which is very beautiful !!! The taste - it's just a bomb, just an explosion of taste, it's a storm of emotions! The composition included tequila, blackberries, some syrups. so harmonious combination! And the size of course makes you open your mouth in surprise. Such a cocktail can be safely ordered for 2-3 people.
Thanks "Pinta_almaty" it was very tasty !!! 😍20180812_152549.jpg


looking yammy. very testy too

Yes. It's really tasty!

Yes it is