How to Increase More STEAM POWER

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Increasing your influence on STEEMIT.COM when voting for posts and when posting will also result in an increased income for your actions, time and efforts spent on the website. In order to do that you will have to get more STEEM POWER and there are numerous ways you can do that:

  • Always write a unique blog and content in the post make sense and attract people to read and give a valuable feedback which help you to make reputation on STEEMIT.COM. Reputation of your blog is shown with your username of your STEEMIT account.

  • One can also buy from exchanges: , and many more exchanges where treading of STEEM is stablished.

Another thing, i am Highlighiting that is:

  • Person who join few days ago or few month ago get angry that he is not generating Steam Power more than others.
    For those people, i suggest that first you have to be regular on this website and try to comment on others post that help you to be a reputes member of STEEM.COM. After that you will definitly generate STEEM POWER.

Note that STEEM tokens can be directly converted to STEEM POWER using the Power Up function, but converting STEEM DOLLARS is possible only to STEEM and then you can use them to Power Up to STEEM POWER, however this takes 1 WEEK for the conversion process!

Authors get paid when people like you upvote their post.
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Tip: Change your blog post reward to Power Up 100%( from settings) this will help to you to increase value of your upvote.

yes it takes time to grow not immediately but definately

thanx for steemit info. it makes sense

You can buy some steem dollar from bitterex.after you deposit them on steemit and you buy more power for voting and comments.

yaa's not a big chalange..

Nice information can u vote and follow me's my pleasure.

Nice suggestion will help motivating new members on steemit but I personally think first we should try to generate steem power using non investment method only

yaa...nice suggesation...we have to try..

@satsteemit apritiated bro

Thanks for info bro, I'm new to steem so this is very helpful.

A good shepherd I follow👍🏻...never the voice/vice of another💘💥🗡⚖✌🏿️🙏🏽👼🏿👁😎

Hi good suggestion, keep going.

accha suggestion hai. i will try

very good suggestion

Thanks to all...for nice comments...and suggestions..

Great post , love the content keep up the great job

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