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RE: How to serialize and sign Steem transactions using Javascript (without Steem Javascript libraries)

in #steem2 years ago

Can we just download and use in a simple html page for demonstration ?

It will be good, if we can have some simple tutorials that one can run ?


It's not possible to directly run these codes on the browser. You will need another third party module to parse/compile the Steem-TX for browser usage!

If you can guide on how to do that, it will be great. Alternatively, if this can be changed to be used independently it will also be great.

I did Javascript the plain old days and not been into front end dev since long, but I will refresh my skills on latest Javascript / UI techs to see, if I can build something using this. Some of the college guys approached me to do some project on blockchain and I think, they will pitch in some interesting ideas, to build and try.

I will try to make it compatible directly with browsers too.
Also, any contribution is appreciated if anyone is willing to help.