Why I Won't Abandon Steem

in #steemlast year

No matter how I feel about Hive, I definitely won't be moving away from Steem. The reason goes back to my original reason for joining Steem: I invested in Steem because I had a feeling that it could get big and I would regret not leaning into it if it did. Even though many are unhappy with the new management of Steemit Inc. and abandoning the platform, I do not see the situation as being any different. Maybe the new management at Steemit Inc. will make Steem something big. If they do succeed, I will regret leaving.

I now enter into my most trying HODL challenge I have ever faced. As millions of Steem are cashed out, will I stay firm? When I have to struggle to find any content in my native language, will I stay engaged? It will be interesting to find out!


Most of the cashing out is done.

Perhaps most of it is. However, I still see plenty of accounts still early in the power down cycle. The main reason I am suspicious is my Steem value has held steady while my Hive value has grown to surpass it. It seems like my value has doubled by simply doubling supply. It is entire possible that Steem would be worth double right now if not for Hive but it feels too good to be true and I tend to follow my dad's rule: If it seems too good to be true then it probably is. That being said, I would like nothing more than for you to be right because I would get to continue my Steem adventure!