What do I have to give?

in #steemlast year

I have been wanting to post more on Steem. I want my posts to be useful so I've been considering what I have to share.

Some people share their passions like photography or writing. Others share knowledge about topics like crypto and finance. Some share their pursuit of a goal. Unfortunately, I don't feel that any of these would be topics I'd like to share.

I have spent most of my time and effort focusing on my career and my relationships. This has given me the ability to invest money in Steem. I believe the greatest benefit I can give to the Steem community is to use my investment to reward and promote quality content.

I suppose that is why Steem was designed to reward creation AND curation. If everyone is doing both just to get an easy dollar then the site will suck. If people are dedicated to doing both, the site will become something special!

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It's ambiguous what adds value and what doesn't.

My view is that we bring people here, let them meet and greet and visit.

They can play games, post, write poetry...

make art, sing, at whatever ever level they are at.

Write about your relationships and work if you like or just something that interests you.

When it comes down to it, I just don't want to share anything right now. I think that's all right, too. Maybe in the future I will have something to express. What adds value? In my book, any genuine expression adds value. When I do have something to express then it'll be valuable ☺️

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Well ... As far as I can see, you are doing neither: no posting, no curating.

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