I Wish My VP and RC Were Not Linked

in #steem2 years ago

Right now, I can make a staggering 3000 comments every day and still get back to 100% RC. When I tried posting comments as many meaningful comments as possible in a single day I never even made it to 100. I can't envision a scenario where I could make a comment every 30 seconds even if I quit my job and just posted low quality comments all day.

The first solution I considered was SP delegation; that way someone else would benefit from my RC. However, I would also lose VP, hampering my personal curation efforts. I've also noticed that even the most active projects have more than enough RC to support their activity.

I am considering other alternatives so I don't waste this important resource. It would be nice if I could decline RC like I can decline payout on a post. I will make another post once I have thought of a solution.


Curious to hear your solution. Also, still figuring out what RC’s are. Do you have a resource?

It represents the blockchain bandwidth you have access to. It exists to prevent accounts from spamming transactions. A new account only has access to enough resources to make 3 posts/comments a day. Your daily Resource Credit (RC) allocation is proportional to your SP. You have enough SP to make 45 posts/comments each day. https://steemd.com/@lydon.sipe

That makes a lot more sense. Thank you.

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