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What I Learned Spending Only #Dash At a Local #Market🍜🥗🍹

Posted by Joël Valenzuela

Last weekend I went to a monthly local market in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. I got a haircut, a chili cheese dog and nachos, a gemstone-in-bullet casing necklace, a couple of craft brews, and a yearlong meat and vegetables plan from a local organic farm. And I paid for everything in Dash. This is what I learned.

Dash is growing to dominate the small vendor scene

A year or two ago, every local market in New Hampshire’s libertarian-leaning circles I went to was predominantly run on cash and Bitcoin. The idea of other digital currencies being used was mostly relegated to the occasional vendor accepting Dash, Ethereum, or Monero for fandom purposes, not economic practicality. Now, it’s a much different scene.

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