Stroke generally happens in bathroom

in steem •  5 months ago

Stroke generally happens in bathroom. Because most of the people start their bath pouring water right on head and hair. But this is wrong. Blood circulation in human body maintains a heat balance. So body needs time to cope up with any heat. If you start bath with head and pour water on it then blood flows to brain immediately and the flow of blood circulation rises at a high rate. So the capillary and the artery are torn together. As a result a sound and healthy man being imbalanced falls on the ground and in some cases dies.


Right way to bath:
One should start soaking his feet and go above gradually towards shoulder. At this time one might feel that a hot air is rushing out from his head. But it’s normal. Then he should wash his face followed by his head. Those who have high blood pressure, high cholesterol and migration problem must follow this way of bathing to avoid unexpected stroke.

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