STEEM mooning at the moment, already 50% up!!!

in #steem3 years ago (edited)

STEEM right now is on a "buy the rumor, sell the news" mode. Those who are not aware of, let me tell you that there will be a hardfork in Steem Blockchain & this hardfork will result in a new chain called Hive Blockchain and all the STEEM holders both liquid and staked will be airdropped with HIVE coin in Hive Wallet(Visit &

So typically in a hard fork event, before the scheduled hard fork the price of token goes up, because everyone wants to get some free bucks in the form of airdrop and after the hardfork event, people used to sell their token. So STEEM price in anticipation of the upcoming hardfork as a result has already jumped 50% as of writing this article. The current price of STEEM is 0.193. So the upcoming hardfork event is factoring into the price of STEEM and STEEM looks like mooning at the moment.


Its gonna interesting for sure. because while the altcoin, Bitcoin is trading flat, STEEM is mooning. very rare case!!!

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