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RE: Steemit Newbie FAQ - Netiquette: How To Avoid Being A Steem Douche?

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@dragosroua Excellent points in Your post AND I am still somewhat guilty of making some of the errors that You mentioned in Your post.... like asking what is written directly below:

UpVoted & Following... please consider following me ( now I don't do this very often any more and if I do it, it is with people that are generally close to my current level... not that this makes it perfectly acceptable.)

( There is a learning curve here at Steemit AND even a MUCH steeper "learning curve" regarding the crypto markets in general... even for myself with almost 40 yrs of a financial background in the Bond Markets ( institutional fixed income ie Commerical Paper, Overnight Repos, Mortgage Backs and of course US Treasuries, which may soon no longer been "perceived" as the safest securities both within the United States or any where else on the planet.)

We are currently observing a fast moving/ever increasing pace for the massive paradigm shift occurring in almost every area/aspect of life for the world.

I have been speaking with @aggroed & sharing ideas with him how the Steemit Community can better assist the new people (2 to 8 weeks or less ) so that they can not only move "up the ladder" but do so in an intelligent & effective manner. Aggroed is using one of the ideas I freely shared with him and is being currently utilized in the Minnow School 1 hour sessions that he is now conducting. I hope he is able to help 100's, then 1,000's, tens of thousands and perhaps hundreds of 1,000's of new people that come to Steemit over the coming months & years...

Your points in this post speak to a growing problem amongst people that are new, excited to succeed ( and maybe because they desperately need to make an income ) whether they reside here in the USA, Canada, Europe, Asia, etc... ARE important & significant because most people, like myself are somewhat lost unless there is someone that is "guiding" them...

I am sorry for making this comment so lengthy, but I really want to help any way that I can... knowing that I still have a tremendous amount of learning to do... just regarding the appropriate behavior & the most effective ways to become successful, here on Steemit.

SO.... Thanks Again for this post. UpVoted.

Hope You're having a Good Weekend !!


Didn't know about the minnow school, sounds great :)

Yes... aggroed has done a really great job in helping new people ( minnows ) find their way when they first come to Steemit. Thanks Again Dragos Roua

@aggroed has helped me quite a bit in developing relationships on Steemit and allowing me to go with my gut to interact with other Steemers. Sorry to drop in your convo, but feel like I am a part of the demographic you are all trying to assist in this community ..... I think it is amazing to be a part of it and learn this way!

No worries Tammy... If You are available this evening at 10pm EST then follow the link below for @aggroed class for Minnow Support... Cheers !!

Watching the Stanley Cup, but going to do my best to multi-task! Thanks so much for taking the time to respond- much appreciated!

hey, love to you both. Would be happy to have you there!

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