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RE: The Future: HF21 and beyond

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Good to read. The mathematics is not so hard, but the one known unknown is the distribution of down-votes - that may need to be tracked as it happens and adjustments made.


as humans go i expect a whole new level to the concept of flagwars and a next-gen of haters ... plus i read something on reward-for-ratting too, it's very soviet and 1930s germany all of it, but its a sign of the times there i guess, more animosity, less for the poor, more for the rich ... i dont see this working out in any way to bring more people and increase the price AT all (but no one is here for the money ofcourse, its all about good content) ...

out of rc (@rudyardcatling) i'll continue my gutter p.o.v. here and finish it as well :

"i have not downvoted once since i got on with my first account here, and most of the steem i have i bought, so i really, and truly fail to see what the benefit is for the small shareholder like me (to which according to steem the top 20 earners are 'accountable') but it looks like im expected to bring a friend so they can stay well provided with caviar and champagne BUT ... we'll have to see, maybe the overlords are wise in their divine ways in ways mere humans can not understand"

i DO hope so :) 46% decrease huh ? and 150% increase to curation should get me around 0.013 sometimes ... i'm looking forward to that, AND the downvotes raining out of nowhere, i truly do :)

I wonder what i'll be getting for the 25% free downvotes i have not used in ever and certainly wont start using now ? i can't even CHOOSE how its distributed , el general knows all and is all. And the icing on the cake might be that due to the new system the incentive to vote on smaller posts is absolutely gone as you will see your smallfry, gutterside vp evaporate anyway, bringing it down to the level of a facebook-like ... so that leaves the trending section and pay-to-play ...
i guess i sound socialist or something but euhm .... steemit ? where's my money ? it said on the frontpage when i signed up : "money" :)

used to be #5 right ? now somewhere between 50 and 85 ? so far all the rules have worked out great :) , if thou usest the word "masses" where you mean middle-classes once more i might start bitchslapping ... no don't pardon my french, its actually english btw ...

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