Your leader is out of his mind

in #steem2 years ago

What's currently going on with the hf is completely outrageous and criminal.

This is theft on all levels.

No way to downplay it.

I sincerely hope this lands your overlord in jail.

Next couple of months will be interesting to say the least.



Amazing to see the price move up as well. Anything so that people won't want to withdraw their Steem from exchanges until the HF is done with and the major exchanges can power down and give back the funds to their users when they aren't worth anything.
I still think it won't be the end of Steem. they will use it to lure people into the space, new people who have never heard about all these recent blunders. It might far surpass hive in price for a while, not because its better or worth more but because the gang will promote it like crazy.
Nobody who invests in Ethereum today remembers the ETH and ETH classic issues back then. Steem is the new horse for the gang, I feel they have big plans for it - not in the spirit of steem's original prospect but - I fear - shadier visions.

Hey I'm (attempting) to do a documentary video about Steemit, Darkoverlord, Suhn, and Hive and came across you in my research particularly your article about TDOL's banning.
I've tried just about every Steem interface I know of and the content is gone. I can of course see the records on steemdb, but none of the actual content is present even on which is now down.. Do you know of any other way to view it still? The way I see it now, TDOL has been erased off of Steem's ledgers as I cannot find any of the files or the documentation.
Would love to get any information from you. I'm not an expert on Steem or crypto but I'm digging in for my research.

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