Help STEEM Get Listed On Coinbase And Earn STEEM In The Process! What are you waiting for?

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Coinbase, as most of you know is a very popular cryptocurrency exchange. It doesn't have STEEM or SBD though. Recently they have announced the possibility of adding new coins. It would be huge for the price of STEEM if we could get it listed on Coinbase. Mostly because of it's big userbase, the ease of transfer from crypto to fiat and vice versa.

@therealwolf came up with an ingenious idea that might actually get STEEM listed on Coinbase in his recent post.

He explains how Coinbase is probably monitoring the favorite feature to see which coins interest traders the most.

So, what can we do about it and how to earn some STEEM in the process?


#1 Log into and visit:

#2 Vote for STEEM


#3 Make a screenshot simmilar to the one in step #2

#4 Post it in the comment section of @thereawolf's post

#5 You will receive a 10% uvote from him.


@theycallmedan recognized this great opportunity and offered to do the same. Visit his post and post the same screen shot there for another 10% upvote!


@timcliff runs a special edition of Steem Blast to catch the attention of Coinbase on social media. Learn more about how to contribute by reading Steem Blast Special Event: Let's get the attention of @coinbase!

This is what I love about this place

How users who's actions alone wouldn't mean much, can chip-in and together do something neither one of us could do alone. Like ants building a bridge from their bodies to get past an obstacle. By grouping up and taking action towards a shared goal we have a much bigger chance of achieving it.

Let's make this happen!

Because my little SP doesn't allow for an adequate compensation, I'll reward 3 users with a total of 5 STEEM in bidbot upvotes on their comments on either @therealwolf or @theycallmedan post.

@therealwolf -
@theycallmedan -


To the Moon, baby!

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I love what they are trying to do and backing it up with their own accounts is impressive. I had already done both of the posts earlier but true to their word I recieved upvotes from both on the same day. Hopefully it will have an effect as steem on coinbase would be massive.

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Hi @runicar, I'm @checky ! While checking the mentions made in this post I noticed that @thereawolf doesn't exist on Steem. Did you mean to write @therealwolf ?

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lol, that typo was embarassing, thanks for pointing that out!

Hey @runicar!
Thanks for this information.
I will vote for STEEM on coinbase now - would be awesome if they list it.

(the 10% upvote is nice as well!)


Awesome! I'm really positive that we can actually make this possible with a community effort. We just need a large number of users to help us.

Tried it on several devides now but somehow the star doesn't appear :(
Any suggestions?

Did you log in first?

Yes of course! :/

The reward is obviously welcome but the most important is that we do it for the community and for the Steem credibility and value in the market 😉

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Great mentality! It would be nice to get the price increase for STEEM if it get's listed. More power to everyone!

Btw, I've seen your stuff on dtube. You are doing a great job! Love your personality and the way you vlog. I'm thinkin about starting my dtube career soon so we will probably meet again there :)

We only can try to do our best for the community and to help it grow and reach more people and be better. On the end of the video I am posting soon (just editing) I will also talk about it and leave all the links for therealwolf and theycallmedan posts 😉

Thank you so much for checking my stuff on Dtube I do love it there ❤️

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Hey @runicar, when I log in, and scroll down to steem, there is no option to vote, or star icon like you show in your screenie.
Has this option now been disabled by coinbase?

I have no idea @bobaphet, they could have disabled it, maybe. Not sure. There were no official updates from Coinbase on this issue from what I know.

I'll do some digging and come back with an update if I find something on this .

Hooo good idea I'm gonna do it!

Awesome! Come back there to confirm when you do so that I consider you for the boost!

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Hello there, sorry if I am dense, but I don't see where I can vote? Am I doing something wrong?

EDIT: I see some other users with the same issue, I will be looking into it.

Have you tried loging in?

Marked, will do that later.

I don't have the star option.. what can be? there are someone else with the same issue?

same here

I've seen some users reporting the same issue bud I have no clue why that is or how to circumvent it. I'll update you if I find a solution.

thanks :) because I really want to see steem there :)

Lol, the star option isn't there cause they aren't logged in


Thanks for sharing about this! Let's help STEEM, our lovely home :)

When is the deadline on when can we vote?

yes! Let's do this!

I have no idea tbh.

Saw that yeah, lets do it!

yes! Be sure to come back here when you do so that I take you in consideration for the boost :)

Thanks man!

Already did my part yesterday! I can't wait for that moment when we get listed, I know it's gonna happen! I can feel it. What a great community to be a part of!

Great job! Thanks for supporting the Steem community and being a part of it!

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What a great idea... another little task to add to today's to do list.


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Glad we are on the same page :) Come back to confirm when you do it so that I consider you for the boost!

Well I would prove it but partiko won't let me paste a copy of my screen capped comment!

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that's fine! I'll check it out myself