Getting Flagged by Stinc/Sun for Having an Opinion which doesn't suit their narrative

in #steem2 years ago

The post that got me "in trouble with the law" on Steem was asking what's left of its userbase why they are spending their intellectual capacity to enrich a tyrannical overlord.

This was the post:

Why are you still investing your intellectual capacity in STEEM?

and here is another one they most definitely didn't enjoy:

Looks Like Your OverLord Is In Desperate Need For Some Government Handouts

I guess this is what they meant by fighting abuse.

Flagging every single piece of content that goes against their bs narrative.

Trying to further censor our voices like downright censorship on the blockchain level wasn't enough on its own.

This place is becoming more of a joke with each passing day.

All because of one small-minded egotistical maniac and his lapdogs.

I'll enjoy seeing this place crumble under the direct pressure of dictatorship, censorship and tyranny.

Funny how the actions of a single bad actor can completely ruin a blockchain.

Although, since we split, things are looking a lot better on the other side.

That's where you can find my real content, one that I actually put thought and effort into.

Cya there.



Your posts can be seen. I posted two posts to day and although they're on chain, Steemit and Steempeak do not show them. The last one visible was posted under the tag 'shitpost'. I can still keep getting the autovotes and curation rewards as I keep powering down.

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