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in steem •  10 months ago


Steemit I have figured out is no better than a septic pipe. Because they both are full of shit. Its just a group of people "the bubble" and they upvote their own senseless blogs. That is why a picture of a butterfly can make $500. I mean come on. How ridiculous. A stupid picture please. That is content? You mean to say you can't go online and see hundreds of butterflies. Oh by the way there is a website called YouTube where they have videos of butterflies. Oh boy my blog post will make millions because people will see videos of butterflies and they will upvote me. I'm so smart and helpful too. What a joke. It all makes sense.
You get into a community and everyone upvotes each other and everyone makes money. What a scam. Because thats what its all about, money. Not content, thats for suckers.
So to be successful I have to enter into a steem community, be strategic with my precious upvotes and away I go into the land of moola. That is why I always say it always comes down to morals and scruples. The richer you are the less you have.

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