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Steem has hit a new all time high last week at something over 4 USD. So where will it go from here?
To be honest - in the short term I have no clue - indeed I do hope that it will crash. Really, I hope it will go down to less than 1 Dollar again - or even worse, that would be even better.


Because I think that it has the potential to go to more than 100 USD in the future - if it would go down, it would give me the chance to buy some, before it becomes totally unaffordable for me.

So please dump it, please panic and give me the opportunity to buy some steem for cheap...DQmbssAg5rYmbdoGntbKhKEmfae1EiQnZVQaFJ7AfP9dqou.png


For somebody still investing additional funds volatility is a friend. Buy by the same amount regularly and you will buy a lot when prices are low and little when prices are high.

So go buy something else, grow your cryptoportfolio. Prices swing all the time. It's called daytrading. Buy low, sell high.

I have no idea where the price will be tomorrow - this is why I do not dare to daytrade. But I am pretty sure that steem is significantly undervalued. Do you have a strategy for day trading you can suggest?

nope, it's mostly predictions and reading the news. You can easily lose money too.
If you want to invest, buy BTC. It will go to 1mil per coin in 2020 probably.

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