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I would 100% upvote you if I could :P


Welcome to NEW STEEM !!!


Apparently Mr.Sun took the term blockCHAIN sligtly wrong

So I could call you all kinds of nasty names right now and you wouldn't be able to downvote me?

...Only you!..

Ahahhahahhh! 😂

yes go ahead :P

Unfairly Burned Guy!

Festival Organizer!

Wallet Maker!

Hive Turkey!

@roelandp You may want to try again.
I can now see your post and votes coming in on Steemworld. I clicked your post and it loaded on and your rep is not showing 25 anymore. : )

oh they changed condenser then. Anyhow... I am blocked on blockchain level... Maybe you missed softfork228888 - Staying on steem means you accept that at any given day your funds might be blocked.

Oh no I did not miss it.
I saw some lists of people who had been named you were one so I loaded you all up on Steemworld. Yesterday morning first thing, NZ time there was nothing showing on your account at all. Something has changed but I have no clue about the technical side of things.
Interestingly not everyone's accounts have changed.
@pumpkin completly blank 25 rep 1 action 5 days ago
@cleta Blank 25 rep showing
@ashleigh Blank 25 rep
@anastacia only showing a couple of things at 6 and 2 days ago rep 25

It looks like the rest of you on the lists can receive votes and some can give flags and votes.

currently, no sense to writing this things at everywhere. The post of @steemchiller is wonderful, Nice. I agree.