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Hey, Are you new here on Steem? Because you are active, are you having troubles with Mana or RC? So, this project is a call to everyone who wants to help the newbies and for newbies who are really active in Steem and are struggling with low RC.

Today I saw the @neoxian post about the newbie pump and I like the way that they sintetize the main idea of helping the newbies.

The #godfatherproject is a crowdhelping (this world exist?) project, which wants to aggregate the newcomers with are having problems with RC and the oldschool users which have a few SP to help this people.

So, how it works?

If you want to help the newcomers...

  • Need to have at least 50SP to delegate to a newbie
  • Leave a comment with the tag #godfather in this post
  • Leave the delegation of at least a month
  • Help, if possible, the newbie with articles and tips for beginners

If you are a newbie and wants a help...

  • Your account must be less then six months old
  • You must have less then 50 sp to your name either native or delegated to you
  • You must not be powering down
  • You must not be delegating any power
  • You must promise to power up your account for the next three months
  • Your account must be in good standing, 25 rep or higher, not being flagged for spam or plagiarism
  • You must love steem and plan on being here for a long time
  • Leave a comment with tag #need-help in this post

If you having trouble even making the first comment, you can contact me in Discord, robertoueti#6000

I have a little more than 200SP so I will start delegate to two newbies, 50SP like I did with @aiuna (read more about in this post).

Let's do this people, let's help the newbies here on STEEM!

Roberto Ueti

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Yes, this is a great project. Newbies are welcome to stop by my post and receive a pump. I still have many to give out.

Boa @robertoueti. Tenho interesse em ajudar o #godfather, com preferência para usuários brasileiros. Tenho receio sobre contas duplas, e Delegar para não ser utilizado em aplicativos ou posts, com ausência de atividade da conta, que por vezes acontece. De qualquer forma é um projeto muito interessante ainda mais depois do fork. Valeu!


@matheusggr, I'm trying to find these people who have problems to help them, however, I didn't found.
If you find someone, tell me and comment with their user here, let's take the project to the mainstream.

It's a very good initiative to help newbies


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