STEEM Layer 2 beta service open - Establishment of STEEM-based token generation system

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We have prepared STEEM Layer 2 beta service for a long time.
STEEM Layer2 is a VM using STEEM Side Chain, and it is an environment almost similar to EVM. There are still a lot of things to be done, such as explorers and NFTs, but STEEM-based token issuance and transfer are all working normally.

Users can create and manage Tokens on the Contracts page, and once the tokens are created, they are managed and operated as independent contract addresses.

When a token is created, the user can transfer the generated token or modify the contract on the wallet page.

Basic functions were added to the token contract, and it was developed with future DeFi services in mind.
The important thing is that the currently developed Token Contract is the basic Token Contract code, and it is possible for developers to write their own code and build their own Token Contract in the future if desired.

In STEEM, where there is still a small development pool, we need to basically set the frame, so we randomly use the contract created by our team.

STEEM Layer 2 requires STEEM to be paid as a fee in all transactions, such as token creation and transfer.
The STEEM generated at this time is planned to be incinerated for the time being, and the STEEM fee required for token generation is about 200 STEEM, and the STEEM required for transmission and multiple Tx is around 0.5 STEEM.

Now, anyone can issue STEEM-based tokens and operate their own service.


Website :


i Love this Work i hope you can go Sucsess with it. i Support your work 100%

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