STEEM-Finance Buy-Burn History 2022.06.08

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The robiniaswap account revenue 3000 STEEM was moved to the Binance exchange for sale and swapped for a total of 2.491 BNB.
All 2.491 BNB was used for SFI Buy-Burn.

SFI Transaction History : Link 1, Link 2

STEEM-Finance Website :
Discord Channel:
Global Telegram Channel:
Korea Telegram Channel:
Kakao Talk 1:1 Inquiry:

If you think the STEEM-Finance service is helpful for the STEEM blockchain, please apply through Witness Vote.
Witness: @roadofrich


I'm sorry, I'm new to this world. What does that mean? Robin cashed out?

no, that steem is being used to buy and burn sfi tokens from steemfi.

how can i make this cool cash

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