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RE: Okay. Now What?

in #steem11 months ago

He talks about defending the sanctity of private property in his tweets - double speak and centralisation aside, he does have a point!

There has been a significant withdrawal of support from those witnesses, for now!


Hey, @revisesociology.

He does—double speak and centralization and not really feeling deep down the sanctity of private property aside. :)

But now, he can use it to his advantage because our witnesses handed it to him.

Unfortunately, on our side, I've been finding out through this process that private property wasn't nearly as protected or hallowed or whatever as I thought it was.

And without any legal recourse, too. We essentially need to toe the line, whatever and wherever that line may be, or it can be taken away. I'm not sure what I thought STEEM was, but that wasn't it.