💲💵 Bitcoin - The Cryptocurrency Challenge 💵💲| Date: (24 Apr 2018) | Win 50% SBD!

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Place your bets on the Daily Close Price of Bitcoin with The Cryptocurrency Challenge!


  • All traders are only allowed to place one “Price Pick”.
  • All “Price Pick” must be placed no later then 00:01 am (EST) the day of the contest date.
  • Actual Trading Closes at 11:00 pm (UTC) / 7:00 pm (EST) on the day of the contest date.
  • All traders must UPVOTE this Post to Participate. All traders must UPVOTE the Post for their Price Pick to ‘Count’.
  • All traders should try their best to spread the word about the contest; Re-STEEM, etc.
  • Winner(s) will receive 50% of this post’s earnings (SBD). 💲💵 💲
  • All Traders must place a “Price Pick” in ‘USD’ on what they think the Close Price of Bitcoin (BTC) will be for the Trading Day [Example]:




  • The Close Price for the days Cryptocurrency will determine the winner for the day.
  • The Nearest Traders price to the actual Close Price will be declared the winner.
  • If there are 2 contestants with the same price (or an equal price difference), the “Price Pick” placed first (based on time) will be the Tie-Breaker (if needed).
  • The prices will be determined based on the USD value of the cryptocurrency.
  • Participants will have to Upvote the Post prior to the winner being determined to claim any of the Posts Winnings.

*The (Close) Prices will be determined on the prices listed on https://coinmarketcap.com. The prices can be found on the Historical Data page for each cryptocurrency. Winnings will post to winners account after all Post Earnings are cleared through the normal 7 day cycle.


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