The Ten Steemmandments are a Set of Rules or Laws to Those on the Steem Blockchain...

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The Stone Tablets were Placed in the Blockchain of the Steem...

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by @reko
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The Ten Steemmandments...

1. Thou shall have no other crypto before Me.

2. Thou shalt have no more Fiat currency in the form of anything.

3. Thou shalt not misuse the name of the Steem blockchain.

4. Remember that there is no Sabbath day on the Steem blockchain.

5. Honour @dan.

6. Thou shalt not beg for votes.

7. Thou shalt not follow for follow.

8. Thou shalt not scam.

9. Thou shalt not leave false testimony against your fellow Steemian.

10. Thou shalt not covet your neighbour's Steem Power, Steem, or Steem Dollars.


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Not to be pedantic but...'s "shalt".


ty @lexiconical! So glad to see you here brother! :)

And if you break these commandments
the downvotes will comith for thee
and thee shall drown in the red flags until thy post be hidden from the glorious light of the mighty steemit


oh my god


so true....:(


image nice

What ever happened to thou shall ... makes it sound more epic. you shall makes it seem more like a promise than a command.

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Thank you, but ofc!! :D

So what is the punishment for breaking any of the rules

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You shall be flagged if thy don't repent and send SBD to the absolution account...


😂😂😂 wow


thou shall maketh original material and not buy votes or spam

I think a lot of these value promoters and supposed financial-crypto-gurus could learn from rule #8. I love steemit, but I sure hate to see ponzi schemes being shilled by certain users. I guess thats why the flag button exists though. Anyways, keep up the good posts!


Me too! It is my second day and I was so bummed at all of the bs :(


Hopefully as more normal people start using steemit, it will make them less of an issue


And, I have already seen a very strong community of anti-spammers. Keeping people honest :)

Once it's written on the blockchain it's the same as being written in stone

Omg, absolutely priceless post! lol I usually don't read others comments very often, BUT I'll be back to view this one. Absolutely priceless replies too! lol


hehehe glad you like it!!:D

these are fulfilled less than the original 10 commandments :D

I like it. Very clever of you. You come up with so many good ideas. You should have an official title for that. "Ideas Man" Reko, or something.

How can we see our steempower? Im brand new so I know its nothing, but I can't seem to figure out how to see it? And thank you for doing God's work, amen.


in your wallet and

I was concerned this would be a buzz killer but I had a good chuckle, especially #4 xD.

I'll bookmark it for spammers, haha

i'm not worthy! forgive me @reko for I have sinned against the steemblocks. it has been 30 years since my last confession.



Truly laughed out loud. Thanks for the feel good. ...No other crypto before me.... imagined the face of a big B coin give a quick turn of the head and stare.

Very thoughtful post wish i thought of it first, i follow all of them ill never break one, steem to the moon


lol @godofbit, good! :D

Thats classic. Another great post, possibly this could get some people asking questions about the origins.

Blasphemy. 😁


Lots of that!:D

Nice !tommycooper (12).jpg


good imge


These Commandments don't censor Steemers.

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hahahaha those are great. I wish everyone follow the Steemmandments. // Resteemed!

Thou shall not commit adultery and use any steem competition


I think the seven deadly sins are worse than adultery, eg avarice, greed, lust and the four foul sins. But that's just me.

It is really important for the whole Steemit project and the community to bring valuable content so we can keep it growing!

Thou shalt allow me to edit my material!!!

Ha ha ha, awesome!


fine photo

Good to know. am brand new to steemit and can use any tips i can get..."hey follow to follow?" ahha just messin

Blockchain Good post


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Steemit Forgive me for i have sinned. Lmao @reko

Welp. I already broke the first one lol

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valuable post dear👍👍👍.thanks a lot for sharing about cryptocurrency.
carry on..


thank you for permission to carry on!

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All the rules are good for this community

  1. You shall have no other crypto before Me.

I failed this one hard... i only got on steemit because i bought eth first... can i be forgiven fellow steemians?


it's not before it's more like over ;)

some strict rules should be implemented

lol!! funny!


That was great post should we welcome this

Thanks dear discuss about the cyptocurranec.

gdd post

Yes u are right that's a great idea.

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no worries the meaning is more like have no other crypto in higher regard! ;)

... "*And the community shall strike down and position a flag upon those who break these Steemmandments!"

May the Steem be with you!



For Steemit, thy God is a jealous God, punishing the iniquities of each user even unto the fourth and fifth. But if thou heed these words, you shall be upvoted in those posting and commenting


B-but all men are sons of God...

good information and helpful

I think #10 is the one most broken by most of us.

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Is that right choice for us to invest in Cardano (ADA) ?

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Please repent or thou shall most certainly fall victim of the mighty flag!;)

Thats last ammandement though..hahahaha

Two is a must! Ten is gonna be hard!! lol

Ah! Who is not guilty of the first commandment?

Awesome post @reko


I'm not, ofc I have had Bitcoin before but that's not what the commandments means...

If only everyone had common sense enough to follow some of these "rules".

Lol, nice post man :D

Very nice but I think I broke most of them so far. lol

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You are the god of this ten commandments.

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I think that like a gentlemen Agreements ... so why about rewards and punishment???

Steemmandments; wonderful

Is there any option for new comers if they break any rules un-intentionally?

best regards bro...

Good to have some commandments, where there is no rule there is no sin.

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Medaase (Thank you) @reko

AMEN, bro!!!

Resteemed ;) these are good guidelines to follow.

Funny. And real...

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Which blockchain is God on? And is he decentralised?

You must be the Antichrist!!!!


Didnt the AntiChrist get knocked off and brought back to life? Or was that the Beast?


Well...since you's pretty much the same thing. The Bible uses the phrase "antichrists" and "the antichrist." In other words, anyone can be "antichrists" but there is one who is specifically "the antichrists" spoken of in Daniel and Revelations. Also, "antichrist" doesn't mean "against Christ" means "In the place of Christ."

But if you wanna get more technical, I guess I would say "The Antichrist" is a specific person who holds this seat of power. The Beast is the system/organization where the antichrist gets his power from.

So to answer your first question, yes, the Antichrist lost his power and "seemed" to be mortally wounded. Meaning, he lost a lot of power...but then he slowly gains his power back. And eventually, "his wounds were healed." Meaning, he gets his power restored...that's when things will really get nasty.

I don't believe in a steemit god anyways. it blockchain there are norules

number 10 is the hardest one to follow, cause when I see the high numbers that other people have, boy do I want to covet some of

Love it....Steemit is the real deal...and more will commeth...and more will learn to follow these commandments....or be struck down with "Furious ANGER" - from my Pulp Fiction

Hahaha, nice one. Gotta reSteem this. Love it.

#7 really?

That's pretty kool reko...

Free will

This made me lol so hard, great job!

@reko Forgive me for I am guilty of the Tenth Commandment.

Certainly a Steemit classic enshrined in the immutable blockchain. My favorite commandment is #10. I am guilty of it & I shall repent!

Well as a steemian who has lots to give I can say thank you for this because it tells me what not to do

  ·  last year (edited)

It is easier for a minnow to pass through the eye of a needle than a whale. So don't be HODLing your yuge pile of STEEMing manna.

Just started following you. Great post. Community, please consider my blog. I currently have 70,000+
followers on Youtube, Twitter, and here combined where my goal is to help improve the crypto community.
I provide free TA on request, make high accuracy calls, and focus on improving YOUR trading game in a concise and educational manner.

Still learning. Guess I can memorized this steemit law.lolzz.nice one to know

Well written , you must be one of the apostles of steem !! like john the baptist or something along those lines minus dunking people in water , but you can baptize them with quality content ! as you have been doing now for some time judging by your following.
nice post , looking forward to future content you got my follow/resteem/upvote !!! steeeemonnnnnnnnn #apostle@reko

when i started here for some crazy reason i thought it was good to follow for follow. i got a lot of followers quick, most of them now dead :)