Steem Poker Tournament #7 ♠️ Free to Play ♠️ [ Prize Pool - 50 SBD + Liquid Rewards = Jackpot ]

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♠️ @ 19 NOV - 5PM CDT / 10PM GMT ♠️

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Powered by @spl
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How to Play | Step by Step

Go to ---> <---
When entered click "Play Now".
Sign up using your Steemit @user-name.
Select Lobby - Choose a Game & Enjoy! 😄



Eligible to Play?

[ Steemit account with at least 30 rep ]
[ Introduction post in order to receive payouts. ]

Eligible for Jackpot?

[ Upvote and comment ]
[ Follow me @reko ]



The Jackpot is currently @ 2.5 SBD + all liquid rewards from this post!


Players Eligible for Jackpot:



Jackpot Payout :

1st - 100%


[ 12 Nov ] #7 Jackpot Results:

1st - @lasper - [ 5 SBD ]
2nd - @lebekons - [ Non-eligible ]
3rd - @chops316 - [ 1 SBD ]

[ 5 Nov ] #6 Jackpot Results:

1st - @bethalea - [ Non-eligible ]
2nd - @boatsports90 - [ 2.5 SBD ]
3rd - @blacky - [ Non-eligible ]

[ 29 Oct ] - #5 Jackpot Results:

1st - @reko [10 SBD ]
2nd - @rafalski [ Non-eligible ]
3rd - @tuck-fheman [ 2 SBD ]

[ 22 Oct ] #4 Jackpot Results:

1st - @glennolua - [ Non-eligible ]
2nd - @nicnas - [ Non-eligible ]
3rd - @lebekons - [ 2 STEEM ]


Last Longer Side Bet Pool:

[ Send 1 SBD to @reko with your username on lucksacks ]
[ Winner takes all whoever survives the longest in Sunday 50 SBD! ]

Confirmed Players:

Last Longer Side Bet Prize Pool:
Prize pool: 5 SBD

Last Weeks Side Bet Winner:
5 SBD @reko

Individual Last Longer Bet
@reko vs @theaustrianguy - 5 SBD

@reko vs @jpederson96 - 5 OKCash


All games hosted by Lucksacks Poker are free to join and free to play.
Steem Poker League prizes are funded entirely through rewards on posts!

Questions about the Steem Poker League join our Discord chat.

Lucksacks is brought to you by @tuck-fheman & @bigpchef
Graphics by: @nicnas & @internetguy.

The Jackpot is an original idea by @reko and not official @spl.


What are you waiting for?

Prize Pool: 50 SBD + 5 SBD + All Liquid Rewards = Jackpot !

Poker Fueled by the Steem Blockchain !


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Appreciate Your Time and May the Steem be with you!




Thanks @reko. Didn't know if I ever would get a piece of the jackpot. Got a little lucky on the final table. See you at the tables.

@reko Great Idea hosting a jackpot. How are results figured? Looks like its the top three finishers of the Sunday 50 sbd free roll. Is that correct?

I was way too aggressive too soon tonight. Haha whoops

@reko In this opportunity I would like to say that my problem got sovled by @tuck-fheman last night. I'm can play. So thank you for the team for understanding my mistakes.🙏

So we are competing 1v1? 5 SBD and both entering a pool for 1SBD each? So you get 6 SBD right?

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