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[2018-06-11] Weekly Steem Blockchain Update!

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by @reko
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Steem is a blockchain-based rewards platform for publishers to monetize content and grow community...


There's a blood bath on the crypto market and Steem is down over 36% last 30 days. When compared to others activity is still high with over 50% of all the transactions on the most active blockchains but currently with only 0.3% of the total market cap.


Screenshot from 2018-06-11 10-24-32.png
Screenshot from 2018-06-11 10-26-41.png
Screenshot from 2018-06-11 10-24-43.png
Screenshot from 2018-06-11 10-29-27.png
Screenshot from 2018-06-11 10-33-49.png


Screenshot from 2018-01-05 19-57-24.png

CUI = A ratio of blockchain daily activity to total blockchain capacity.

AVI (Activity Valuation Index) = A ratio of blockchain activity to market cap valuation (the higher the better).

Screenshot from 2018-06-11 10-20-47.png

The Steem blockchain at 0.13% of it's capacity with number one highest activity.

Screenshot from 2018-06-11 10-21-01.png

Screenshot from 2018-06-11 10-21-09.png


Alexa Ranking:

Screenshot from 2018-06-11 10-20-37.png

Google Trends

Screenshot from 2018-06-11 10-20-09.png
Blue=Steemit - Red=Steem

Screenshot from 2018-06-11 10-20-27.png


Weekly Accounts Transacting:
image (43).png
Screenshot from 2018-06-11 10-03-31.png

Weekly Accounts Created:
image (45).png
Screenshot from 2018-06-11 10-03-59.png

Weekly Number of Posts:
image (41).png
Screenshot from 2018-06-11 10-03-02.png

Weekly Number of Votes:
image (42).png
Screenshot from 2018-06-11 10-03-16.png

Posts + Comments per Post:
image (44).png
Screenshot from 2018-06-11 10-03-45.png

Weekly Amount of Steem Powered UP & DOWN:
image (46).png
Screenshot from 2018-06-11 10-04-14.png
Screenshot from 2018-06-11 10-04-27.png

Weekly Steem Transfers from and to exchanges:
image (47).png
Screenshot from 2018-06-11 10-04-47.png
Screenshot from 2018-06-11 10-04-55.png
Screenshot from 2018-06-11 10-05-05.png

Screenshot from 2018-06-11 10-17-41.png

Screenshot from 2018-06-11 10-18-50.png

Screenshot from 2018-06-11 10-18-13.png
Screenshot from 2018-06-11 10-18-25.png

Screenshot from 2018-06-11 10-19-11.png
Screenshot from 2018-06-11 10-19-27.png

Screenshot from 2018-06-06 12-30-20.png
Screenshot from 2018-06-06 12-35-42.png

Screenshot from 2018-06-11 11-14-47.png
Steem inflation rate from @banjo bot by @inertia


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Wooowww @reko you do lots of studies thanks for sharing.

Good information...

I think you work hard for this article...

Excellente information!*****

Thank you, for sharing!! Resteem*****

Lovely week! ;-}

Same as me! But I also like blue, because it is Percy's and orange because it is the color of our Camp's t-shirts.

Damn, a whole lot f information on this article. Very structured and organised properly, well done I love your work.

Really useful information cant imagine how long it took you to collect all that data. Good work!

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Good and informative crypto market analysis most especially steem and steem dollar market trends and volume trade @reko

Well if STEEM goes below a buck I will buy a some but one does wonder at what price stops being viable. When the price goes down there are fewer comments and posts so one wonders where the tipping point is where people earn so little they quit posting altogether. At a certain price some people can afford to be full time steemians, when that price goes too low they have to get real jobs and can't put out as much content.

I'm not a computer screen! I'll be sad if you call me one.

Informative post.Lets hope that btc will rise.That would be helpful for steem for start a bull rally.finger Crossed!

Steem is taking a good dive to the $.85 region by the end of this month. June here on planet @tonygreene113

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Hi @reko
You provide a lot of info and it is difficult to interpret all of it. I however note that from the beginning of the year the number of transactions stayed relatively constant, with a lot of new accounts created. The number of posts is on a downward trend for the same period, but voting is again relatively stable, with a slight upward trend, even with the bit bots that was added. It looks like curation is gaining popularity at the expense of writing posts.
Thanks for sharing the info.

Good publication @reko !!! There is a lot of information to digest, it is hard work, but very well organized, I congratulate you, thank you for sharing!

Thanks @reko for the value you just dropped. The weird thing is that when Steem was ranked #2000 the prices of Steem and SBD was higher than now..

good work i think that steemit and bitcoin its going to break

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