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[2018-06-08] Daily Steem Blockchain Update!

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by @reko
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Prices and activity are down but when compared to other blockchains activity is still high with almost 50% of all the transactions but with only 0.3% of the total market cap. Maybe the recent heatwave have affected people and managed to drag them away from their screens temporarily. At least for me that's true as this kind of weather is quite rare in Sweden to say the least! :)

Screenshot from 2018-06-08 11-14-06.png
Screenshot from 2018-06-08 11-15-47.png

Screenshot from 2018-06-08 11-14-20.png

Screenshot from 2018-06-08 11-14-39.png


Screenshot from 2018-01-05 19-57-24.png

CUI = A ratio of blockchain daily activity to total blockchain capacity.

AVI (Activity Valuation Index) = A ratio of blockchain activity to market cap valuation (the higher the better).

Screenshot from 2018-06-08 11-16-31.png

The Steem blockchain at 0.15% of it's capacity with number one highest activity.

Screenshot from 2018-06-08 11-16-49.png

Screenshot from 2018-06-08 11-16-57.png


Alexa Ranking:

Screenshot from 2018-06-08 11-17-42.png

Screenshot from 2018-06-08 11-18-40.png

Google Trends

Screenshot from 2018-06-08 11-18-54.png
Blue=Steemit - Red=Steem

Screenshot from 2018-06-08 11-19-15.png


Daily Accounts Transacting:
image (36).png
Screenshot from 2018-06-08 11-06-56.png

Daily Accounts Created:
image (38).png
Screenshot from 2018-06-08 11-07-25.png

Daily Number of Posts:
image (34).png
Screenshot from 2018-06-08 11-06-24.png

Daily Number of Votes:
image (35).png
Screenshot from 2018-06-08 11-06-40.png

Posts + Comments per Post:
image (37).png
Screenshot from 2018-06-08 11-07-11.png

Daily Amount of Steem Powered UP & DOWN:
image (39).png
Screenshot from 2018-06-08 11-07-38.png
Screenshot from 2018-06-08 11-07-53.png

Daily Steem Transfers from and to exchanges:
image (40).png
Screenshot from 2018-06-08 11-08-22.png
Screenshot from 2018-06-08 11-08-35.png
Screenshot from 2018-06-08 11-08-51.png

Screenshot from 2018-06-08 11-22-45.png

Screenshot from 2018-06-08 11-23-49.png

Screenshot from 2018-06-08 11-23-11.png
Screenshot from 2018-06-08 11-24-13.png

Screenshot from 2018-06-08 11-25-12.png
Screenshot from 2018-06-08 11-25-29.png

Screenshot from 2018-06-06 12-30-20.png
Screenshot from 2018-06-06 12-35-42.png


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I wonder why the jump in new accounts on 6/7? Some announcement?

The process is done manually so some days they go through the backlog.

Oh, got it - makes sense

This is what i call Fact file, statistics and analysis that bring about progress in the market. I am glad you are sharing this here. Atleast it gives all a clearer view as we all make a head way.

Thanks for sharing

Great to see your efforts and these data and all these are deep dived numbers which directly reflecting the efficiency of the Steem Blockchain and we all know that the current downtrend is for limited period because Steem Blockchain is so powerful and so efficient and the efficiency can be seen at Blockactivity and approx 60% of Global Blockchain Transactions are done by Steem and hundreds of Applications are running on the Steem Blockchain and in History of Blockchain we didn't see this kind of efficient Blockchain.

And one more thing, Etherium is second on the Blockactivity list but it used almost it's Block Space and now the transactions are slow but Steem is first on the list but still Steem used less than half of the Block space and that shows the power of Steem and efficiency too.

Thanks for sharing this post with us and wishing you an great day. Stay blessed. 🙂

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Thank you for the update, statistic are useful and make us more focused on the news in this platform. you have a new follower!

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