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[2018-02-28] RECORD: 375,500 Unique Visitors per Day!

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by @reko
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Steem Power: 8,880.826 | Reputation: 67.118 | Followers: 4857

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The crypto market has turned RED again but considering the stats below things are looking promising for the Steem blockchain. Superior technology, real utility and an ever growing community both in size and power...^^


Screenshot from 2018-02-28 11-18-43.png
Screenshot from 2018-02-28 11-19-03.png

Screenshot from 2018-01-05 19-57-24.png

CUI Meter = A ratio of blockchain daily activity to total blockchain capacity.

AVI Meter (Activity Valuation Index) = A ratio of blockchain activity to market cap valuation.

Screenshot from 2018-02-28 11-20-11.png

The Steem blockchain at 0.14% of it's capacity with number one highest activity, double that of Ethereum and BitShares...

Screenshot from 2018-02-28 11-21-39.png
Steem now got more than 50% of total activity on all blockchains...

Screenshot from 2018-02-28 11-21-50.png
The Steem blockchain, superior in tech, activity, utility, in everything except market cap...

Alexa ranking: 967 gaining 21 spots since last report...
Screenshot from 2018-02-28 11-29-23.png

Google Trends seems to be turning around slowly after a recent dip in interest...

Screenshot from 2018-02-28 11-30-37.png
Blue=Steemit - Red=Steem

Daily Active Users:
Screenshot from 2018-02-28 09-51-40.png

Daily Accounts Created:
Screenshot from 2018-02-28 09-52-23.png

Daily Number of Posts:
Screenshot from 2018-02-28 09-51-07.png

Daily Daily Number of Votes:
Screenshot from 2018-02-28 09-51-25.png

Posts + Comments per Post:
Screenshot from 2018-02-28 09-51-56.png

Screenshot from 2018-02-28 11-33-23.png

Screenshot from 2018-02-28 11-34-00.png

Screenshot from 2018-02-28 11-35-05.png




Alexa Ranking | Blockchain Activity | Google Trends

LINK: 🗞 Daily Crypto News, February 28th 💰 by @vlemon

Sources - @penguinpablo, @cryptopassion


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Yeah SBD price has decreased .hope crypto market will become stable soon☺

Great post....sir l am waiting your next post...

I hope this news will be very useful for others .. And hopefully it will always be stable even be a leader for a long time .. Of course with this news the steemians should be more active in promoting steemit .. What do you think @reko?

Love these Steem updates. I am an engineer so I enjoy all the charts and numbers.

Bought a little more SP yesterday actually. Maybe we are still on a downward path but long term I have confidence in this blockchain and feel we are undervalued currently.

Thanks for the info, steem on...!

Promising at it seems steem price just floats there. Probably waiting for another burst. XD

good work @reko, good luck you are always friends

Thanks for the analysis sir ,all we are hoping for now is the increase

I hope SBD doesn't get any lower than this.

I will keep hodling, till that SBD chart goes full retard.
Happened twice and it will happen again.

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Impressive! Well steem and SBD are not doing bad. Thanks for the information.

thanks for share.realy good work.

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Unique job. Very good @reko

Waiting for Steem to go up. It is also interesting that SBD is more than Steem.

Love the new gifs! Lets hope for a steem break out! :) Thanks for your post :)

Great one

Congratulations to your long and successful way on Steemit!
I hope in some years i come in your region, hehehe
Best regards

please upvote me am a minnow

Well done bro!

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