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We will start with the purpose of Operations Research, it is a branch of Mathematics in the use of mathematical models, statistics and algorithms in order to perform a process of making Decisions Frequently, it is a study of complex real systems, in order to improve (or optimize) their operation. This allows the analysis of decision making taking into account the scarcity of resources, to determine how a defined objective can be optimized, such as maximizing benefits or minimizing costs.


The investigation of operations is a modern discipline that deals with the application of theory, methods and special techniques, for the solution of problems of administration, organization and control that occur in the diverse systems that exist in nature and those created by the human being. The objective is more important the application of operations research is to support the "optimal decision making" in the systems and the planning of their activities. To find the solution, operations research usually represents a problem such as a mathematical model, which is analyzed and evaluated previously.

The beginning of the Operations Research goes back to the time of the Second World War in the place of urgent attention. As regards the areas for tactics and strategies to defend the country. At the end of the war, industrial managers, especially in the United States, saw the excellent results that these operations yielded and implemented in various industries. Thanks to this was born the first technique, mathematics, called, method of linear programming, was developed in 1947. Another factor that caused that the investigation of operations was activated completely outside the computer, that was handled. The best way to perform operations with a digital computer.

Linear programming is also related to research.

As a technique for problem solving, operations research should be viewed as a science and as an art.

As Science lies in offering techniques and mathematical algorithms to solve problems of appropriate decision.

How can all the phases before and after the solution of a mathematical model be taken into account, depends on the form of creativity and the personal ability of the analysts in charge of making the decisions?

In an operations research team it is important the ability in the aspects of the topics and the artistic research operations. If one aspect is highlighted and it is not an impediment to carrying out the investigation of the operations in practice.

In Operations Research, the "Research" part refers to what is found here, similar to the way in which it is carried out. The part of "Operations" is because it solves the problems that are seen in the conduct of operations within an organization.


With the use of Operations Research allows us to make decisions taking into account the scarcity of resources in order to improve the functioning of them.

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