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The essay proposes a critical analysis of the systems of recruitment of human talent implemented in organizations, their use and how efficient they can be, having previously taken as a basis the comparison of many of these to find in them their weaknesses and implement ideas for a more complete system that allows a work balance and an optimal use of human resources in companies.

Key Words: Human Talent Collection, Human Talent, Human Talent Management, Labor Recruitment.


Many companies, not to mention all of them since ancient times, have been massively affected by the performance of their workers, whether due to lack of attention, job discouragement, lack of entrepreneurship, family instability, demotivation salary, tense environment or little love for the work to be done, therefore this generates a significant alarm to those who lead these organizations. That is why we are going to carry out an in-depth analysis of the causes, effects and why this phenomenon happens which in the short, medium or long term becomes both an act of job desertion and a cost for the Company, these factors will generate a important inefficiency and lack of productivity that will undoubtedly affect both the employer and the employees, all these elements open the doors for such an important issue to be treated with precision for its solution, developing a method that offers durability over time.


Every company must have a procedures manual that includes the personnel recruitment mechanism that makes it easier to make the best decision regarding the postulates, however, many organizations take this important step lightly, trusting in its system and in those who developed it, without trying to evaluate it through other experts that guarantee it an effective and efficient method. That is why in most companies occurs both abandonment and dismissal. When these situations occur frequently, a revision must be carried out based on the root of the respective procedure, but this problem can also be solved from the internal work side by means of strategies that contribute to a significant improvement in the organization. Knowing and knowing the importance of a procedure for the recruitment of personnel and mentioning a possible internal solution we go to study the characteristics that have these inefficient methods, to find their disadvantages and improve them based on the needs of the organization. Companies in the hand of their employers must keep their aspirations for the future documented by setting goals and objectives in a way that allows the postulate to be part of the organization to know and feel identified with it. According to Cabrales Salazar, O. (2008), "Today's" manager "will have to focus his objectives and his capacity as a leader in planning the development strategy of his company and fine-tuning it with that of the people who compose it" ( p.156). The Manager must request to include in the recruitment plan the profile of his company so that the applicant becomes familiar with it, from there it can already lead to a study of recruitment plans that usually are usually tests psychological, logical and mental ability, they could also include evidence of knowledge of the areas of the company, to distinguish the degree of intellectual capacity of the applicant in different areas and thus be able based on the other tools to describe a clear outline and successful of the labor strengths and weaknesses of its aspirants. Generally the tests used in organizations are developed by trained people, as well as copied from other companies. Although these tools are created in order to achieve maximum efficiency, they can be insufficient and lack of information to guarantee an optimal result. A decision taken incorrectly will generate considerable costs and losses of time for the organization as well as workloads for those who are already part of the company and in turn labor conflicts thus creating a chain of internal problems that would generate a potentially dangerous fall of the organization to its competitors . Therefore, recruitment methods must be constantly analyzed and updated in order to be fully efficient.

Although many companies do not take full advantage of the capacity of their workers or workers do not fully express their qualities, due to lack of financial remuneration or any other effect, the organization must ensure the state of mind of its staff, for this purpose it must set attention to different factors outlined below.
First we have the labor economic offer, this is undoubtedly one of the most important because it is the employer must offer their employees and will correspond as one of the fundamental bases that influence the performance of the staff but this should be done by targeting the staff members to set their goals in a period of time without margin of inefficiency.
On the other hand we have the labor benefits, these can be given through productivity, remuneration with food from the basic basket, school scholarships for the children of the employees, and other benefits that contribute with a relief to family burdens. Although they can be part of expenses for the company, they can be taken as paid expenses with actions and love of work, because the employee will feel the constant motivation to continue working in the organization.


To conclude the recruitment exercise in an organization is of vital importance because it is there where the work path for its new members begins, for which reason this first step should be taken with great importance. the company has a highly qualified and motivated staff that guarantees a full performance of its procedures in the different areas and satisfies the objectives that must be constantly updated once these are already met, as well as allowing the company to save constant in training. The organization must also be clear that a high salary may not be synonymous with high efficiency, because if the employee is not comfortable in their work, will not perform as desired, so you should have slight knowledge of their personal situation, in other words a Constant interaction Manager-Staff for the employer to know how to act in favor of benefits that alleviate family problems and allow the worker to exercise their work with full concentration and generate a profitable stability to the company before its competitors.


Cabrales Salazar, O. (2008). The management of human talent under the perspective of the human condition. Faculty of Economic Sciences: Research and Reflection, 17 (1), pp. 155-178. Available: www.redalyc.org/articulo.oa?id=90913041009

Author: Reinold Roberts


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