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RE: AppBase: The next step forward for the Steem blockchain (let the testing begin)

in #steem6 years ago

I used my posting key

If you’re just a regular user, you can help too. Head on over to and use the site like you normally would.

Your testing module felt the same as the steemit I know and love.


Does it mean someday we'll all move to steemitstage?

No, we won't move to Stage, Stage will come to us!

Stage is just on of the phases that a product goes through from development to production:

Dev -> Test -> Stage -> Prod.

If everything goes well with testing of Steemitstage, Steemit will be replaced by the one on stage testing phase, but we will not move to another page, we will use and go to as we currently do.

No, I believe that is only a test environment.

I stand corrected, I love poking and prodding around to see if I can break something...Thank you @orbitalqq.

I am pretty sure that is the idea @goal300, I am as thick as a brick when it comes to technical articles ....hehehe


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