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Seven months have passed since I joined Steem. All these months I was doing Steemit full-time. I know it doesn't match up when you look at my account activities and balances. I haven't posted much, only commented when required. I spent most of my time reading about the blockchain, learning how it works, how others are using it and how can I use it.

Now I have around 880 SP and a reputation of 60 which was a dream when I joined. I am writing this post to thank all those who supported me throughout my journey.

Thank You

Thank you @utopian-io, if you were not there I might not be here writing this post. You are the highest contributor to my SP. Few weeks after joining, I read about the utopian-io initiative that they were rewarding opensource contributors. But I didn't know that only contributions from their website get rewards. I posted this tutorial from and unsurprisingly got no support. Yes, I am dumb. 😂

Thank you @abh12345 for supporting me and @noblebot from its first day. Without your support running the bot, and gaining community support was not possible. From the last few weeks, @noblebot is having problems with nodes and not working as it should. Things are starting to look better though.

Thank you @sambillingham for your code with sam GitHub account. I learned a lot from your codes and used your codes in my projects.

Thank you @tcpolymath for supporting me with zero minute upvotes and suggestions about the @noblebot.

Thank you @guiltyparties. Your support and suggestions were essentials in managing the @noblebot.

Thank you @futurethinker and everyone from @promo-mentors for welcoming me as a team member. I am enjoying working with you.

Thank you to everyone I forgot to mention in this post. Please know that I appreciate what you have done.


I am currently delegating 50 SP each to 3 of the most active persons from Steemit Bangladesh Discord server. They are putting so much time into helping newbies from Bangladesh, so they deserved some recognition. I'll reconsider the delegations every 2 weeks after the first month.


I know it is not much but I also know how it feels. So, you guys got a little appreciation from me. Keep supporting those newbies. :)

Not Goodbye

When I joined Steem I knew someday the real life will kick in hard. For the time being, I need to focus more on real life. So, from now on I'll only manage projects I have done and complete current projects until I can manage more time.

I'll just post less often, comment less often but this is not a goodbye.

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I would thank you from the bottom of my heart. Thanks for your productive gift, which save my lots of energy and time. Yeah, I'm talking about your superior bot.
You listen when I have a problem, You know my flaws and all yet your support remains. You always keep reminding me to give concentrate on my blog also. From you, I've learned much about technical issues.
I really got too much energy and enthusiasm that day you delegate sp to us. I couldn't explain, but I was grateful.

You are the best Developer in the entire country!

Thank you sincerely...

You are the person who is there when I need you, picks me up when I fall, never let me down, always showing me the path of success...
Thank you for being supportive, being selfless, love me, protect me, care for me.
Brother is always a friend,
You are really a superstar!! 😍😍

My pleasure @reazuliqbal!

You work with @noblebot has recovered 100's of dollars for members of the community and this contribution is not to be underestimated at all.

Thanks for your work, I'm glad to here this is not a goodbye and I hope you will continue your work and find more time to Steem soon.


Thanks man! I hope so too.


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