Steem Silver Round final Push!

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2019 Steem Silver Round


As I am sitting here tonight, waiting patiently for the new season of Gold Rush to start. I figured it would be a good time killer to knock out a post about the 2019 Steem Silver Round. Its a stacker thing

If you have never seen Gold Rush, you should check it out. New season starts today at 8pm CST on The Discovery channel.

What went worng?

When it comes to the Steem silver Round I am at a lost for words. I can only speculate on why this year there seemed to be little intrest in it. Maybe its the decline in steem value, maybe it's the decline in steemit activity, maybe it's the fact that the Majority of steemit is still unaware of the Project and Maybe we should have seeked out some support form the elite. Speculation is all you will get out of me, cause I am lost.

What I do know is that we have passed the minimum mintage that is required from the mint. So the Round will be produced and honestly I know there are a lot of people eager to get their hands on the 2019 Steem round. We're about 6 weeks away from ship date.

Will I get my Requested Number?

This question has been asked by several buyers. I Knew that Specific number where important but I also new that it was quickly looking like we would not reach the 1500 mintage. I quickly went to work with the mint, after several phone calls, I think the Mint and Myself have come up with the best solution. Now before I get into the solution, I want to stress the fact that North American Mint has gone above and beyond to help us out.


The Mint has agreed to provide any number that we request between 1 and 1500.( even if we only sale 700) Now when it comes to numbering Mint companies will not budge or do anything that will question their integrity. So there was no way the Mint was going to produce specific numbers while skipping other numbers. So how will you get your number? Well here is the amazing part, the Mint is going to Mint all 1500 rounds. They will allow us to pick out the number that have been requested and then they will Melt the rest of them. Now this is costly to the Mint, you see every time you melt silver you loose a little of its weight. So for the mint to be able to do this for us they will charge an extra $1.00 for every out of sequence round. Which is a very good deal. Think about this for a second. The rarity of a 3 coin set just doubled, cause every round that gets melted down by the Mint will never be produced again. This in itself is worth the extra $1.00

Screenshot_20191006-173739_Samsung Internet.jpg

4 day final sale.

I will kick off the last 4 days of sales with a sale in a sale. Use coupon code Steem and it will take 10% off of your total. No limits and no Minimum, so yes, if you buy 10 you get enough off to pick up one more, if you buy 100, you get enough off to pick up 10 more. Also of you are making a second order send me a DM in discod or email me at [email protected] and I wil get you a free shipping code as well.

Where Can I get One?

Just click the link below. We accept PayPal, Bitcoin Ethereum, Lite coin and of course Steem.

Remember to use the coupon code Steem for an extra 10% off.

Thanks for stopping by, if you have any question, drop me a Dm In discord or email me at [email protected] or [email protected].

Have an awesome weekend and remenber the 15th of October is the last day to Buy. 2019 Steem Silver Round.



⤴️⤴️ Gotts go GOLD RUSH starts in 37 minutes 😉🍻


@raybrockman you have done one hell of a job keeping this together this year. It seems to me many people are just not interested in holding silver. In past years I've tried giving rounds away, and this year buying rounds for people and holding until they are able to pay. Zero interested persons.

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Thanks My Friend for all the support, I cant even imagine why no one took you up on your offer. Different times.....thanks again!

So many people have left Ray, they are sick of the hardforks that take more away from the grinders and feed the whales more. This new payout and the downvote trail of the "Douchebag Clan" has totally pissed very good people on this platform off.
If they dont do something to right the ship its gonna sink.
It really sucks because I really enjoy the people of steemsilvergold and thealliance.

I am afraid you are right d510, its a sad day when a group of 10 to 15 control the platform. Not much decentralized there.

So true! Ugh, its so disheartening.

Exactly right. Unfortunately

The obverse side should have been struck as a toilet...

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Jist remember steem is so much bigger than steemit.

Is it? Doesn’t feel like either are bigger then anything anymore

I dont understand why this coin never made it as a pinned message on steemit?? They are pinning so much crap but they wont pin this awesome steemit commemorative.. Its reasons like this steemit is falling, the elite only care about themselves on this platform and if ur not in the Gold Ol Boys club then you get shunned..

You got me Hippie, it should have been featured longer than 24 hours. Unfortunately they are not accepting new members to the good ol boys club.

Man, I'm surprised that only less than half of the coins are sold, I'm going to grab some more for sure. (resteemed) I will try to throw something together postwise, you have so much time and effort put in this for us!

Thanks for the support @tbnfl4sun.

I think it's because STEEM is tanking (now down to #86 on CMC) and the active user base on the platform is a fraction of what it was.

It is going to be hard to keep this series alive if we don't get a revival in the platform and that's something I am becoming increasingly pessimistic about.

I think your right sir. I cant even imagine what the 2020 round will do, if we're even around to see it. It has been very hard for me not to start powering down.

Instead of Melting the Rounds, they should just hold onto them, or sell them at Melt Value Prices, plus Postage and Handling...

October 11, 2019... 20.3 Hollywood Time...

Either way they have to recoup some of their expense.

I still figure it would be a waste of Money, to Melt them down, at this point in time...
October 12, 2019... 15.5 Hollywood Time...

At this point in time, Silver is much better than Fiat...
15.6 Hollywood Time...

They wouldn't really mint these and melt them down. They're just saying that to preserve their integrity, because simply printing whatever mint numbers they want on things would destroy their reputation (since that is fraud). So they're pretending they're going to mint and destroy about half the series. In reality they'll just print the requested numbers. There's no way for the customer or public to know the difference.

That’s pretty interesting... I wonder why they’re not selling like Hot-Cakes...???
October 12, 2019... 14.8 Hollywood Time...

You have to see the good in people untill they show you the bad. It would be a lot easier on the mint to produce them all. When you think about the engraving that each round gets. It would be a lot of extra work to manually engrave each one.

Don't get Discovery, but the show sounds good! I know I'm eager for mine to arrive!

rubs hands together menacingly

@tipu curate 2

Thanks buddy, youtube Gold rush you'll like it.

I was planning on buying more, but life happened. Also, the price of STEEM definitely doesn't help. But it's such a great project! Thank you for keeping this going and working with the mint to find a solution. I'd like to see a few whales pick this up and support it!

Whales? What is that. 😉😂😥

I really want to see this succeed but I'm not sure what I can do to help. If I get time this weekend I can make a post about long as I don't use any bots to promote it. Guess other people know how I should spend the steem I bought better than I do.

Thanks VG Crazy times around here right now.

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