5 Rasullulah habit before HE sleep.

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a good Muslim would want to follow the teachings of the prophet. the goal is none other than for the benefit of Muslims themselves .
Perhaps when the words were delivered, a Muslim at that time did not really know what the secret behind these words. One form of good practice is exemplified by the Prophet Muhammad when He will sleep at night. As a true Muslim, you should pay attention to the following Prophet-style habits.

Ablution Before Bed


One of the Prophet's customs before going to bed was wudoo. This is in accordance with his words, "When you want to go to bed (bed), then should first perform ablution as wudhumu to pray." (Narrated by Bukhari and Muslim).
By sleeping in a holy state, in fact a Muslim will feel more refreshed and ready to sleep. In the other word of God is mentioned, "Whoever sleeps in a holy state, then the angel will be with him in his clothing. And he did not wake up but the angel prayed: "O Allah, forgive your servant fulan because he slept in a holy state." (Al-Ihsan fii Taqriib Shahiih Ibni Hibban, book of Ath-Thahaarah, chapter Fardhil Wudhu '(III / 328-329 no: 1051).

cleaning the bed


Cleanliness is always preferred by Islam. One of the evidence through the above hadith. A Muslim may not know that there are many dead bacteria that fall when one sleeps. With a clean bed of course a Muslim will be away from diseases that may arise such as itching.

This is similar to the hadith of the Prophet, "If any of you will sleep in his bed, then let him flick the cloth on his bed first, because he does not know what is on it." (Narrated by Bukhari and Muslim).

performing the witir prayer

Another custom according to the example of the Prophet when going to bed is to pray the witr. Notice the following hadith, "My beloved is the Prophet (SAW) inheriting me three wills: (1) Fasting three days each month, (2) working two Dhuha prayer rhymes, (3) doing witir prayer before going to sleep." (Narrated by Bukhari)
Witir prayer recommendation before bed has some wisdom. The wisdom of the witr prayer is that Allah likes odd and encourages the believers to pray for witr. Another wisdom is that the witr prayer is one of the three habits of the Apostle that was never abandoned during life. This is in accordance with the above mentioned hadith. So, let's get used to praying witir before going to bed huh!

pray before bed


The Prophet also encouraged his people to pray before going to bed. In addition to the prayer of sleep the prophet also recommends reading verses of seats, letters of Al-Ikhlas, Al-Falaq and An-Naas. Prayer before going to bed according to the guidance of the Prophet is delivered in the following hadith.
Narrated from Abu Hudzaifah's companions he said, "When the Prophet (s) is about to sleep, he says: 'Bismika allahumma amuutu wa ahyaa (In Your name, O Allah I die and I live)' And when he woke up he uttered:" Alhamdulillaahilladzii ahyaanaa ba'da amaatanaa wa ilaihin nusyuur (All praise to God who has revived us after turning us off, and to Him the place of return) '. (Narrated by Bukhari).

sleep with sideways position right


The Prophet was also accustomed to sleeping with a sideways position to the right as hadith, "Lie down on your right hand rib." (Narrated by Bukhari and Muslim).
The health wisdom behind the sleeping position sideways to the right is maintaining the health of the lungs, increasing the absorption time of nutrients, and maintaining the respiratory tract.
Those are the five good habits of the Messenger of Allah that should be imitated by the Muslim before bed. After knowing the above five habits, the time for a Muslim to practice in life, so the secrets behind his sunnah increasingly felt. Do not delay until tomorrow night, practice starting tonight and feel the benefits

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