Steem's Up!

in steem •  9 months ago

It sometimes worries me when I see stuff like this, but it's nice to see Steem up 18% on a day when all the other coins are in the red. Just thinking out loud here, but I'm wondering if the pump was a sort of hedge against stock market losses while the stock market was down, and then money poured back out when they saw that the markets were back up today. The strange thing about it was that all the red in the coin market coincided with a pump in Steem, which I thought was interesting. Does this mean that the Wall Street types are the ones buying?

Actually I'm just realizing that the answer is no. Looks like the Koreans are doing some heavy buying again. 114 million or so of the 178 million volume is from them. I'm just glad to see it go up when everything else is red. Steem on!

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