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RE: Steemit Inc now censors posts from the UI

in #steem2 years ago

Oh wow, just went and checked @andrarchy's post from yesterday about supporting hive and it's gone from my Steemit feed, although I could still see this one we're on after 5 minutes. This is the definitive nail in the coffin for Steemit, Inc as far as I'm concerned. The whole purpose of this platform is censorship resistance (besides decentralized monetization, which plays into that). They're killing that on the Steemit UI so it's dead to me at this point. I was willing to give Sun the benefit of the doubt when the announcement was made that he had bought Steemit, and I was hoping that this Mexican standoff with the witnesses could be deescalated, but I don't have any doubt at this point that his actions are a worst-case-scenario, abandon ship necessary. Thanks for the heads up.

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