Great news for STEEM

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Hello fellas,

I've just come across on a post which says that the airport of Brisbane is going to accept cryptocurrency and one of them is STEEM. I hope this is only the beginning and soon STEEM will be accepted as payment in many other places. Are you excited about that?




That's cool. Here in the states, Mark Cuban (the owner of the Dallas Mavericks) says that he will accept crypto as payment for season tickets next year. I would guess only Bitcoin though.

That's cool. If you can find that message please share the link.

That's good! Cool to see crypto being accepted by society. I heard a rumour that Amazon is looking into litecoin, but I'm not sure how true it is. Obviously, steem is the best choice I can think of because of it's versatility as a developmental blockchain and it's ability for fast and free transfers.

That is an awesome development. Trust me. sooner or later all global airports and airlines will accept cryptocurrencies as payment instruments.

That's cool. Let's hope to see more adoption.

Wow. For a city that seems to be living in the 1950s in so many ways, that's pretty cool

Hola ayudame que soy nuevo.

I hope steem will be accepted.


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very cool news, Congrats Brisbane!!

Es una buena noticia.

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A really Great news, i hope more ppl use steem too

good information for steem, I believe that Steem have a great future

Hello friend??

Wow, in new news
Im very happy

Thanks for bringing this to our attention. I'll retweet if you don't mind.

ya esto es real!..?

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