What is NFT?

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Greetings friends, I am again in the world of steemit to speak to you in a simple and easy way to understand the topic that is being talked about a lot, such as non-fungible tokens, these have gained their space within the block ecosystem, it is becoming more and more It is common to see operations that involve the purchase, sale, exchange and creation of this type of tokens.
As time passes, more interest in NFTs has been awakened, these tokens have had such an impact that the binance exchange announced to launch a platform so that users can create their tokens and thus take the steps to participate in the blockchain ecosystem.
What are NFTs?
NFT means: non-fungible tokens, these contain unique information stored in a smart and immutable contract, registered in a blockchain, therefore they cannot be replaced by other tokens, no two are the same.
Example: bitcoin can be exchanged one for another, that is, they are fungible tokens, you can send someone a bitcoin and that person receives it, even if they send it to another person it would still be a bitcoin, they can change its value, but it is essentially the same. It is also divisible, non-fungible tokens cannot be divided, it cannot be sent to someone by part.
These are equivalent to a certificate and proof of authenticity and verification of ownership through the blockchain.
NFT can be anything digital, video games, music, videos, texts.
This technology allows us to access and store information that can never be modified or deleted.
This opens a new era for digital artists who can tokenize their works, this in my opinion could raise their value as no one can forge or usurp their property.
Until next time my friends, I hope I have made the concept of NFTs clear for those people who like me are new to the world of blockchain technology.