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I'm going to start by apologizing for my poor english. It is not my mother tongue. Feel free to help me improve.

I'm not a whale and therefore my opinion probably does not matter to some but I've been getting annoyed with some people's attitude since the announcement of Tron acquiring Steemit Inc. I understand that everyone has concerns (me included even tho I'm a minnow, a shrimp, etc.) The principal ways I interface with the blockchain are with @actifit and @splinterlands but let's get to the point.

One thing that I have found especially infuriating lately is these negative nancies that will remove their witness votes from someone on a whim. I am not going to name anyone but I've seen a few examples like when @actifit published their answer to the announcement or @aggroed losing a whale vote.

I can disagree with many people on many subjects and still recognize their contribution to the ecosystem.
Did @actifit stop doing what it was doing before which was the reason you voted for it as a witness in the first place? Is it still one of the 10 most successful #dapps on the blockchain? Did @aggroed continue doing what he had been doing before that convinced you to vote for him as a witness?

If your answers is yes, then why would you remove your votes? Because of their more positive perspective on the matter?
This is akin to firing someone because you argued on whether it was going to rain tomorrow. By doing actions like theses, dont you make it more likely that Ned's share end up replacing the top 20 witnesses if they decide to?

Take a breather, sharpen your... I suppose umbrellas in this metaphor... if you must. In case it does rain tomorrow but you don't have to seed the clouds just to prove yourself right. Hostility just brings hostility in return. Instead, shouldn't we focus on getting as much of the remaining ~80% of Steem power to vote for a select group of let's say 11 witness to prevent a "51% attack"?

Tomorrow may still be a sunny day.


I like this positive attitude.

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