And I would love to see that, but rewardpoolrape doesn't even make 1/10th of what Haejin makes.

?I am currently looking for a tool that can show me the % of the reward pool by accounts, listed from top to bottom.

So how many people make over 1%?

How can I get an aggregate of every account somebody uses and add their percentage together.

I hate the fact that people try to bring up another bad actor to make their bad actions seem justified. It just means both people are in the wrong. It is exactly what people do in politics. Well, your guy does bad things to so I can vote for this PoS if you vote for that PoS.

In reality, you should vote for neither PoS and find somebody else who isn't a PoS.

But no, people are too stuck in there ways to see the negative affects there actions cause and they are stuck in their biased narrative with wanting to be right instead of realizing there is something wrong with the situation.

Just because someone is doing something bad, does not make them wrong. It just makes them a hypocrite. But you can't tell me that the amount Haejin is making, and the abuse his hard core followers that support him, AKA, @solisrex, is a good use of the platform and that it is helping the platform grow.

@berniesanders up votes random minnows sometimes. He comes into and asks people to send their post links to him and he will curate them. When does Haejin ever curate anything but himself?

You can dislike @berniesanders all you want, but there is positives to him. What are the positives of Haejin when it comes to helping the Steemit community?

Does he help Minnows grow their SP? Or does he take it all for himself and give none to others?

Seems like the latter option.

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