What the #### is happening with STEEM?

in steem •  10 months ago

So I'll be honest...I haven't logged onto Steam in months. I've been busy with Bitconnect and other crypto currencies...obviously seeing Steam skyrocket has me super intrigued. Does anyone know what's causing it to go up so much?

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No idea about the price but im seeing a lot of drama on the trending page. I think its people basically "farming it" and cheating the system.


Are you saying the price isn't true to what it should be? I saw some stuff like that too, but I hope it's not true...I'd love to see Steam legit hit $30 this year


Price could be true. But seeing all the drama about some one getting almost all of it due to many people/bots makes steemit look like a scam...

hehe... you should be smiling all the way to the moon instead of being confused

People investing.
2018 is gona be crypto madness!