Any one know who this @adm guy is?

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Anyone know who this @adm person is? Looked on his page and he's not active at all, with the exception of just removing all curation from people. His account is valued at $750,000, so anyone with that much money must be one of the founders other accounts. I'm not real concerned with him removing the $7 from my last 2 posts from a financial standpoint, but I don't take too well to D bags using their power for the wrong reasons. With this amount of steempower, this guy can basically remove curation rewards from any person with any amount of money they have/had coming to them. Way to go Steemit! Great structure you have setup here where you enable the most powerful people to get away with anything they want! I'll make sure to start spreading the word about what a sh*t site Steemit is becoming. @jerrybanfield, I'd strongly reconsider investing more money in this crap company. The way it's setup is going to make Steemit go back to the $.07 it was at a few months ago. @dan and @ned....way to go on creating a shitty company that enables crap like this @adm guy to do whatever he wants. One day soon, I'm going to find out who he is and we're going to have a nice little face to face chat. Until then, time to power down all my Steem and get out of this crap coin


If you look at the history of @adm you'll see @abit @afew @alittle

They all seem to be tied together and are probably the same guy. @abit seems to declare 'developer' and has ~ 2 mil

Don't know who it is, yet notice they are in the process of "Power Down" everything they have vested in Steem Power (either a sign they are cashing out or better yet quitting.... ).
I also noticed those flagging this post are a part of the Craig Grant Crypto-Gangsters NWO 2.0 Wannabe Club. I had publicly addressed Mr. Grant on his Networks' tactics of using the combination of flagging high-value posts with their own powerful self-upvoting (essentially designed and encouraged by the steem system to take value from others, return said value to rewards pool, and then confiscate said value by self-upvoting), basically requesting his personal stance on the subject. He consistently replied, "I do whatever because I can, there is nothing in the system to stop me, and I have been investing in Steem every day for over a year". When I replied this was nothing but a response to justify their continuation of such actions and did not technically answer whether it is ethically/morally right to do so in his opinion, he went to town flagging my comments (while some in his crew flagged some of my posts for no reason other than to deplete any potential reward earnings and to hammer my Reputation).
So I agree. This system IS an Oligarchy. I predict it will come to a horrible and fiery death (and most likely sooner than later). People, in mass, are beginning to realize the game is rigged. There are too many newcomers not willing to invest their real money into a system designed for those who are already wealthy enough to simply take most everything for themselves (leaving only scraps for us little fish to fight over).
I have already begun the process of subtly warning others here on steemit (not that anyone can see it, the "censorship fee" platform has allowed 3 people to destroy my Reputation and obscurely hide my content... that's not censorship at all, it is a clear consensus of the entire community that my content sucks and my Rep should be worthless all based on the opinions of 3 people.... yeah, that's fair and balanced and just and "censor free"... YEAH, RIGHT !).
As well, I am actively warning others on other platforms whenever and wherever I can. If the Whales want to continue to live in denial, believing the "White Papers" express fair and equal use to all users free of censorship... let them live in denial within the lies they have constructed here. Soon they will only have each other to argue with while attempting to defraud one another of their financial gods (money).
I really do enjoy the basis of this platform, and there are a lot of good people doing good things here. Yet it still can not be denied... it's rigged, it favors the developers and those who invest a lot of money into it - an Oligarchy. If only they would put in protections against bots making tons of profit for the benefit of one (the master of those bots, those bots which auto-flag and auto-upvote) and to protect against self-upvoting and flagging abuse. Until then, it is completely designed to trickle wealth from those who have little up to those who already have a lot.

Wow. Yeah another reason why Steem will fail. @craig-grant looks like you're the proud owner of the biggest douche bag on Steemit! Congratulations on being as big of a twat as you look!!!

Great post, so many of these exact thoughts ran through my head dealing with these few flagging clowns. Steemit is setup such that they have a loophole sitting at the top of those involved early on.

I just dealt with this blood sucker also. Proves there is a very big flaw in Steemit.

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