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2018 is the Year of STEEM & EOS !

Dan "Bytemaster" Larimer @dan @dantheman

Created ..

Near-Future Rulers of the Crypto-Universe ..

Get to Know EOS, or Perish!!


happy new year sir..

Happy New Year 2018
If it didn't bring you joy
just leave it behind
Let's ring in the new year
with good thing in mind....

Let every bad memory
That brought heartache and pain
And let's turn new leaf
with the smell of new rain...

Let's forget past mistakes
Making amends for this year
sending you these greetings
to bring you hope and cheer

Thank you for being one of the people
who made this world a wonderful place to live in.
I pray that you’ll be blessed with good health, security, success, peace and joy.
Happy New Year 2018 to @proglobyte sir and your family

The Daily Convolution 009 - Topic: 2018 - The Year ByteMaster's Chit Takes Over ..Comment & Upvote All Comments.Wow nice post.Upvoted and resteemed your post.sir

Digital money can make us rich to deal with ourselves. I genuinely trust that. Be that as it may, what I additionally accept is that it will influence us to sufficiently fit to serve the penniless also.

It is absolutely difficult for all to give. Every one is battling in their own specific manners. In any case, that is the magnificence of life is it not? One who has seen the intense time will identify towards the one enduring. Such a one when independent can promptly consider helping other people. When I put in endeavors to gain, I should put in little endeavors along to share.

One might be poor out of absence of education, another might be expected life's weight of overwhelming obligations, another might be out of sheer apathy and some might be not able meet the sudden needs of life. In any case, the truth of the matter is same. They all need assistance. From numerous points of view it can be tended to.

@proglobyte sir
1000%agree with U...
I'm realy know and trust 2018 year is best for crypto currencies...
And Steem and EOS can change my future..
Happy new Year 2018...

happy new year 2018..really nice work

EOS and Steem need to be better interconnect!
That would be great for both blockchains!!

Happy new year 2018

Hallo # @proglobyte
Selamat tahun baru, semogga di tahun baru ini steemit akan selalu sukses...

thank you for information @proglobyte

I think you're right! Steem and EOS definitely has it going for them, and already starting the year strongly!

happy new year sir...upvote & re-steem sir

The team looks great. Upvoted & resteemed
Happy new year

I will upvote and restreem yourr post now
Please check my profile once

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